Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

My thoughts and prayers this christmas are with the families who have been flooded out of their homes. These families will not have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas as their homes are inhabitable and unsafe. In my opinion the spirit of Christmas should be a time of reflection to think of others who are less fortunate then ourselves.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Web Cams!!

I do not agree with the Southend Council spending £20,000 on web cameras and streaming the council meetings onto the internet, I have always believed spending on web cams was a waste of council tax payers money. However, I now looking forward to the experience because it could become more entaining then watching Big Brother or I am Celebrity!! My passion is watching how humans interact with each other and I am aware in my observations the majority of Southend Borough Councillors have over inflated egos, Southend Borough council meetings could be the only thing to watch in 2013!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Real BBC Soap Opera

I started this week with a heated to debate with a collegue about the recent saga (I call it a saga, because I hope it will end soon), at the BBC and allegations about Jimmy Saville. Our concern was the repeated interest in discussing and writing about sexual abuse. The victims of sexual abuse and victims who have never disclossed these victims of abuse are being traumatised by the repeated media attention to this horrific crime. The victims have been robbed of their childhoods and their future, victims of sexual abuse can go to have mental health problems, drug and alcohol issues, family breakdown, been in prison, and they could become abusers themeselves. The NSPCC has seen an an increase in victims coming forward over the last three weeks, and these investigations will have to be referred to the local authorities and the police and these investigations will have to come out an every decreasing budget. In my opinion Eric Pickles the Secretary of State should offer a compensation fund for the victims of sexual abuse who have been in the care of the local authorites. If this doesn't happen these victims have been let down again.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner

I always believed the police should be impartial and should be void of politics. The Police and Crime Commissioner role is another way for the Coalition government to have more control over the police force. In my opinion the electorate need to made aware if they vote for a Police and Crime commissioner who represents a polictical party, they will effect vote for the the policitcal party and their values. I do not want security companies to be brought in to replace police staff because they are a cheaper opition. I want and I also speak for the majority of the people I know, would like a police force who are compentent in their role and will deal with crime effectely and will also look after the victims of crime, the polictical parties have not identified to help the vicitms of crime and strategies to reduce crime in their campagining. I have campaigned for Mick Thwaites Independent c andidate because I believe he is the only suitable candidate for the role as Police and Crime Commissioner.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Being a Woman

I like write about local issues, but as a woman I felt compelled to write about the Austrialian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her recent rant to the speaker in the Austrialian Parilament about his ongoing sexist comments and his dislike for women. The world needs more policiticians like Julia Gillard to speak out about Women's rights, far too long women have been discriminated in policitics and our opinions and haven't always been valued. My other issue of the week. The Jimmy Saville sexual abuse case has brought to my attention how the community has a responsibilty to care for the most vulnerable of society. The council tax paying public need know they can trust a council to make ethical decisions, when they are investigating allegations of child or adult abuse. This all costs money and comes out of the local authority budget and council tax revenue. In my opinion child and adult protection should be priotised over flower beds or grass cutting!!! I am aware this may be difficult for some of the council tax payer public to understand and they may be believe it the council duty to provide flower beds, however the council also has a duty of care to keep their residents safe.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Great Wakering and Rochford

I had a chance meeting with a delightful woman from Great Wakering. We discussed the future of Great Wakering and Rochford and this woman concerns which are also mine. The building of new houses on Starr Lane Great Wakering and Hall Road Rochford. The conclusion of our conversation, was these new builds would eventually put a strain on the infrastructure on and around Southend-on-sea and primary care services senior schools, and public transport. The new builds in Great Wakering would also put a strain on Shoeburyness and the station as there would be more commuters and where will they park. I am sure they will not use the East Beach car park and the residents of Shoeburyness will see more commuters cars parked around the High Street. I am all for economic growth, but how many houses and flats do we need in the Thames gateway? I like to see green fields and rapseed growing (no good if you suffer from hayfever). I don't want to see one big housing estate.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Road from Rochford to Shoeburyness

In last week's Standard Recorder there was a small article about Rochford Council's propsals to build a road from Rochford to Shoeburyness. A Rochford Councillor (I am unable to recall his name) asked for feedback to ascertain if the road would become a viable asset for Rochford Council. In my opinion the road would become a viable asset for Rochford Council as it would ease congestion on the A127, for commutors from Rochford and the surrounding areas who are traveling to Chelmsford and the north of the county. However, I like to look at the bigger picture, my concern if a road is built from Rochford to Shoeburyness, it would give Southend Borough Council a green light to built on our green belt land, around Bournes Green and Shoeburyness. This road would not decrease congestion in the long term, eventually the road would cause other issues with the infrastructure in the surrounding areas. The people of Bournes Green and Shoeburyness will be left dealing with the problems which this road will create!! Thanks Rochford Council from the people of Bournes Green and Shoeburyness!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Green Grass of Home

I would like to start on positive note. The Green Party have elected a new leader Natalie Bennett, and my opinion this is another good day for women in politics. I believe when a policitical party has a female leader it appeals to more to the voter. On a negative note the Infrastructure Bill will be in the statute books next month and councils have will have the opportunity to built on Green Belt land. Bournes Green and Shoeburyness will definitely be looked at, as potential places where new houses, flats could be built on, this would be disastrous for the communites around these areas. Southend has already admitted there is a baby boom and will have to accomodate a new infants school, are roads become conjested with far too many cars because public transport is too expensive, there is only one big supermarket in Shoeburyness and this supermarket is unable to cope with the amount of footfall and the carpark is too small for the community it serves. I am totally against the loss of our green belt as eventually there will be no green areas left and this will be the legacy of the Coalition Government!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Councillors Expenses

The Tax Payers Alliance will be investigating councillors expenses, as the Tax Payers Alliance believe the expenses given to councillors are far too much, and the role of the local councillors is about providing a community service and should not come with expenses more than the average salary of the area they represent. Volunteers and charity workers receive a small expenses or no expenses for the great work they do in the community, and little recognition. I am aware times have changed in local government and councillors need to make telephone calls, have mobiles and have access to the internet and attend meetings which all cost money, and these facilities are paid from their expenses. My issue is with the portifolio holders and the leader of the Southend Borough Council who does earn more than the average Southend salary. In the public interest I would like to see a break down of all the portifolios holders and the leader of council expenses to see where savings can be made. The majority of the people of Southend are having to budget their finances and make cutbacks. I believe portofolio holders expenses should be cutback to!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Girl Power!!

The last two weeks the British nation has been watching intensley to the London Olympics, and the Olympics has given the British public a sense of pride I was more interested in how many woman competited in the Olympics and the radical change of women being able to competete in a male dominated sports (Nicola Adams Team GB woman's boxer and gold medal winner). I wish I could write the same about local government politics, however I am aware our time will come!!! I believe there should be more women and ethic minorities in local government it would be a much fairer system and more people would vote in local elections. The majority of local councils are pompous white middle-class men who nothing in common with the people they represent. The political parties should be addressing the lack of women and ethic minorities councillors, if they want Localism to work!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The London Olympic's

On the eve of the greatest event London has seen in years, please rememember the victims of the 7th July 2005 bombing. the day after London was given the bid to host the olympics. These people were robbed of the opportunity to attend the event. Come on Team GB!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Viva Vegas on sea

My prediction about Southend on sea becoming more remissant to Las Vegas to a English seaside resort, might becoming to fruition. The future of Southend-on-sea hangs in the balance, there are many brown field sites along the seafront which could potentially make good casino's sites. The Coalition government are looking at relaxing the laws about casinos and where there can be placed in towns and cities. Southend on sea lost it's insurance companies, tax offices and first data to India and requires another economy to replace the lost of income and jobs to our town. Casinos and becoming Las Vegas could be the answer! Southend on sea has three casinos in a small area, these casinos are great for light entertainment, eating and social drinking and job creation and they also attract tourists from outside the area. However, there are many side effects of casinos, my personal and professional concern is about is about the gambling element and the adrenaline rush that people experience from gambling, the person will also go into the fight or flight response and this could potentially cause longterm anxiety problems. A person who is addicted to gambling and are on a financial up can believe there are invincable and they will not lose any money through gambling, this is a start to a highly addictive behaviour, because the person is always looking for a adrenaline high, and the person doesn't want to experience the lows of a gambling addiction. I would be against any prosposals to build any new casinos in Southend-on-sea, and I hope to see more residents agree with me. Vote YES for a English Seaside Resort!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vegas on sea

I don't normally thank the Labour blogs, but today is the exception as they were so prompt with their blogs about the White Elephant called the Cliffs Musuem. I believe this is a sad day for democracy in Southend-on-sea as the voices of the residents of Cliffs and Westcliff Parade have gone unnoticed, and Southend on sea will start to look more like Las Vegas than a English Seaside Resort. When will Nigel Holcroft leave the building!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Capitalism versus Communism

I have just returned from a week long trip visiting my relatives in Krakow Poland. asked my cousin her personal experience when she lived under communism and how does she feels about capitialism in the new Poland and the recent events in the EU. My cousin gave me an indepth account of communism, the Polish were never allowed their views to be heard, and the leaders took everything which was of some cultural value out of the country, and shipped it to Russia. The communist leaders in 1948 created a new town called Nova Hutta, an industial town of great significance to the communist empire. The Communist's erected a chinley in front of the Wavel Castle a medival and renaissance castle, and is a blot on the landscape and looks out of place in the renaissance city, as the communist wanted to distroy anything of culture and beauty. Capitalism has allowed the Wavel castle to be used as capitalist venture and is a asset to the Polish economy and is used 364 days of the year to make monies from the tourists.. Even Nova Hutta is now used a capitalist venture, and is a major tourist attraction as idylic communist town (Michael Palin visited the town on his odessey around Eastern Europe). Capitalism allows the individual to have their voices heard in a democratic manner and creates a business culture which is better for the individual and groups of people in the longterm. To get straight to the point SBC has shown it's true colors by not allowing a legitmate petition to brought to the planning meeting on Wednesday 18th July about the eyesore called a Cliff's Musuem on a picturesque green space in Westcliff-on-sea, this has simmularities to a communismm regime, as the residents of the Westcliff Parade and the surrounding areas are not allowed to have their views heard. The best capitalist venture would be a musuem in Priory Park and learning resource centre to place and show Saxon King artificates. In my opinion it would be better housed in the Priory Park near the burial place of the Saxon King. The Saxon King is very significant player in the transition from paganism to christianity and all artificates should be kept near where he was found, so there is a connection to were he was buried. This would be a better financial venture and asset for the council, as I believe it would make more revenue for the council as early Christianity places or other places of religious significance makes money in the long term, with a small investment. Just look at the Roman Catholic Church and how much monies the Vatican makes every year, they even have their own bank!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Diamonds aren't a girls best friend!!

I have been reflecting on the recent events with the banking scandal, and it made explore my own feelings towards material possessions, I don't want to sound like John Lennon, but has made me think how many items in my home I don't need. . The banks have fiddled the interest rates for years to believe we are richer than we are. The government and the banks now have to address their governence and how their operate in the future. The investment banks have been alllowed to exploite the low paid worker, because the LIBOR rates are used for the sub-prime rate mortgages and for customers with diverse credit, self-employed and self assessment mortgages. I also believe that we have been coecieved by previous governments into believing that we need a bigger house, a better car, more clothes and shoes, Ipads and expensive holidays to keep us spending and re-mortaging our home. In my opinion this excessive spending and debt can cause an exisential anxiety as we never become satisfied with what we have, ambition is a good when used in an approriate way, however ambition to compete against peers can leave people feeling low in their mood and eventually cause isolation. Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that we need to our hunger and thirst to met and to survive we need shelter and love and then we can reach our potential. If people where to explore their own feelings with material possessions and enjoy what they have, than maybe they would be no banking scandal and we would all be much happier people!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Self Disclosure

As someone who has worked in mental health and addictions, I was pleased to hear, 3 cross parties MP's have taken the gumption to talk candidly about their own personal experiences with depression in the House of Commons , these 3 MP's wil also be stearing the government in reforms on mental health and how there can be more preventive interventions. I agree with their proposals, however where is the money coming from? Charities are continuely having their budgets and this will become increasly worse when the PCT's are finally closed down in 2013,and the Health and Social Act will see a massive polarisation in our most basic of services, as GP's will be more accoutable for their budgets. GP's have met in my professional life have disclosed they do not do not understand depression and addictions, and will see their patient mental health issues as burden on their scant resourses, and may quickly get patients removed if they cost them too much money. I am little confused about Ed Millband attack on the East European workforce in the UK, and stated there should be jobs for British workers. Ed Millband mother was a Polish immigrant to this country. As someone who is also a decendent from Polish immigrants, I took offence to his attack on economic migrants, as the majority of the migrant workforce work harder than an indigenous population. My message to Ed Millband he should look at his own garden and how it is growing before judging someone else's garden. An old Polish saying.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Elected Police Commissioner

The people of Essex should by now, received a form to register to vote or been asked to confirm their vote to the borough electoral register. Some people may not be aware this is to vote in November for the Elected Police Commissioner. This is a extremelly important vote as by electing a Police Commissioner the general public can have more a voice with police issues, be informed on how their council tax monies is spent on policing and to support the victims of crime. Judges have recently acknowledged publicly that they do not understand the general public and have started to watch TOWIE and football matches to enable them to empathise with whom they are defending, proscuting or interviewing a witness in crown court. These finding can also relate to a elected police commissioner, how can someone become a Police Commissioner when they have no experience of the Police Force and are aligned to a policital party, which they are accountable to, when they become a Police Commissioner. I am supporting Mick Thwaites who is standing as an Independent, who has worked his way through the ranks of the Essex Police and left the force as a Divisional Commander in Southend-on-sea Police Station. Mick Thwaites has years of experience in policing and will ensure the victims of crime are fully supported and the general public can have a stay on how the future of Essex Police is run.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Problem Families

The Coalition government want local councils to deal with trouble families and will be offering funds as incentive to local councils reduce benefit culture, anti-social behaviour and reduce social services intervention. I agree with all statatory and charities working in partnership to reduce referrals to social services to enable families to be kept together, as it is cheaper in the long term, foster care costs an approximately £500 per week per child. The Big Issue founder informed the government it is cheaper to send a child to Eton Public School, then placing a child into foster care. In my professional opinion (eight years working as an addiction therapist and with vicitims and perpetrators of domestive violence ), the familiy or individual has to recognise they have a problem. This punitive, coercive approach does not work when a person or family has no insight to their behaviour and how it is effecting others around them. To change an entrenched behaviour requires psycho-social interventions to look at genology of the family, educational background, social services past and present involvement, good quality housing and schools with a good pastoral department and an empathic approach to a person circumstance, and all interventions should task centred, and managed within a approriate time frame. Eric Pickles did not mention any of my interventions when discussing this new schmeme to address ASB and how to deal with problem families. My concerns are how these scheme is going to be implemented when statatory agencies have less staff, high case loads, charites are having their funding cut, this scheme would put another strain on these statatory and charitable services. Is the Big Society volunteers going to work with these problem families? Another way of putting it - patonising middle-class women who have the time to volunteer help the needy and poor!!! With no personal or professional experience working with these familes. Poverty doesn't make families or an individual promblemtic, being in poverty offers less choice and social inequality. Everybody has a right to reach their potential, however British society is becoming more polarised and in my opinion this scheme identifies an ever increasing polarised society.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Shoebury Wall

I have been enjoying the sunshine and I made my usual evening pilgrimage on my bike to Shoebury Common Beach, whilst I was at Shoebury common beach, I engaged in conversation with a beach hut owner, who informed me that they are very unhappy about the proposed flood defence being built behind her beach hut. This lady is extremely upset and the lady informed me any work which will be carried in the future could potentially harm her beach hut and also put off prospective buyers. I didn't want to agree with her as I like to stay inpartial in these circumstances, however I believe there should be a full consultation with the Beach Huts owners and all the residents who live near Shoebury Common. I asked this lady to contact her local councillor, fortunate for this lady lives in Shoebury Ward and she will be speaking Cllr Anne Chalk over the weekend. It is well documented that I have a vivid imagination and I believe this Shoebury Wall on Shoebury Common will be as iconic as the Berlin Wall with less graffiti, the Shoebury wall will become a symbol to keep out the Independents/UKIP in Shoebury West. Unfortanately for Shoebury West they are surrounded by Independent Councillors - Thorpe Ward and two councillors in Shoebury Ward, and our support from the residents is increasing all the time!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I attended the SKIPP meeting last night at the Royal Hotel about the purposed Southend Museum on the Westcliff Cliffs. I was pleased to see the good number of residents who live near the Westcliff Cliff's and three Southend Councillors. A great turn out!!! I have lived in Westcliff near the cliffs and Prittlewell and I am keen to see what will happen to these Anglo-Saxon artificates. The Saxon King in Priory Park (SKIPP) members would like to see Saxon Village, an education centre, a forge and a musuem to house these priceless artificates, and will much cheaper than the purposed musuem on the cliffs. I agree with SKIPP purposals, as I believe that the Saxon King artificates should be kept in Priory park. I also believe that Priory Park was a place of worship to the early christians and has a symboloic meaning in Anglo-Saxon history. Putting these artificates in a mususem on the cliff will have no spritial meaning and the essence of their meaning will be lost.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

I attended the Shoebury Resident's Meeting on Wednesday evening and it was the most funnist residents meetings, I have ever attended, it reminded of an episode of the Vicar of Dibley without Dawn French. Peter Ashley an ex-councillor for St Luke's Ward who lives in Shoebury was in attendence and also his fellow Shoebury Conservatives except for Cllr Jarvis who had been in Tilbury since 6am, which in my opinion Cllr Jarvis deserved a night off with a stiff whiskey to get over his shock off going to Tilbury!! In attendence at the SRA were Beach Hut owners association on Shoebury Common who are perturbed about the prospect of having the Shoebury Common dumped with soil from the cliffs at Westcliff, Southend Borough Council have rebranded this dumping of soil as improving flood defensives for Shoebury, when the SBC have been consistantly informed by Brian Efte a Great Wakering Councillor, the flood defensives need to be improved at East Beach which ison the North Sea which has a higher risk of flooding and not at the Estuary point at Shoebury Common where there is low risk flooding. The 23 million pound museum for the Saxon King and other artificates in my opinion is a complete waste of money and could be used more effectively by improving services for the elderly, frail and disabled, as we have large aged population in Southend and is getting bigger as I write my blogg Southend residents will still have to pay an admission cost to get into the musuem, which should be at a reduced rate because the Saxon King' gold is the important find in years on Southend soil. Now back to the SRA, the Beach Hut Owners left on mass, when the chair informed the SRA that Shoebury Common would not be discussed at tonights meeting, yet again the residents opinions are not allowed to voice their concerns. However, there was a not surprised comeback from Peter Ashley who went against his party to oppose the Beach Huts on East Beach and informed the residents that the residents need to start a a petition to ensure we do not have Beach Huts on East Beach. I thought to myself does Peter Ashley want to get on the good side of the Shoebury Residents to enable him become the next Conservative Candidate for Shoebury, my mind was working overtime, this was the funnist event of the evening!! Cllr Hadley informed the SRA that beach huts will be erected on East Beach because they were there previously in 1960's when our population was far less. I love beach huts as they part of the the English seaside and our national hertigage, however Beach Huts in 2012 are now at risk to vandislism, arson attacks the residents who live near East Beach will also have to put up with late night bbq's and loud music, and Essex Police don't have the officers to prevent these problems from happening, and will not be protrolling East Beach as much as they used to. The residents opinions have been constantly dismissed by Cllr Hadley, and the other meerkats. At a East Beach residents meeting organised by Cllr Anne Chalk, the residents of Shoebury where called ninpys, because of their dislike of beach huts. I would like to know what has happened to the Localism Act because it is not happening in Shoebury as will are not listened to!!! There was also heated discussion on Spy Cars with Cllr Cox, I brought into the discussion about Spy Cars, I personally do not have a problems with Spy Cars if they where used to catch people parking inapproriately near schools or on zig zag lines or where there are vulnerable people living and our vulnerable residents may have problems crossing the road if a car was parked illegally. I do have a problem when the Spy Car is continously used to give Southend Residents parking tickets to increase the council's revenue, and these problems are consistant with whole of Southend and not just Shoebury!!! Keeping with the love theme Donna Summer died this week, maybe the Southend Conservatives can adopt her song 'I feel love' as their new theme tune!!! As they keep telling us they love this town, all I see is money being spent which on buildings we do not need!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I haven't had much time recently to write my blogg, as I now back into the real world of work and earning my living. However, this morning I took the opportunity to read a variety of the Southend Councillors bloggs and I felt uneasy about the information I read. Two of the Southend Councillors keep mentioning in their bloggs the love they have for Southend-on-sea, I reflected on the information I read and thought to myself have these two councillors gone Hippy on us or are they projecting to the public what the public would really like to hear from the councillors in Southend. On the flipside of all this love, I was concerned to read about the continious rasist issues in Southend. I also believe that the BNP have no place in Southend, I also did not like seeing the BNP candidates at the local election count and their presence was not wanted, as I have no time for their values or believes. Southend is a multi-cultural town with a large economic migrant population and I would like to keep it that way. My message for today is to feel the love!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

As I was leaving Basildon train station this morning, I noticed civic enforcement officers at the station writing out tickets at the station. I asked a woman who was being written out a ticket what she is being fined for, she informed me she was being fined for smoking and stubbing out her cigerette on the pavement at Basildon train station. Maybe SBC could adopt this, and make more money out of the residents of Southend. I don't want to give Cllr Cox any ideas, however they will need more income to pay the excessive interests rates of the money they have borrowed!!!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Shoebury Blogger has gone very quite and there are no current messages on his blog. Is he licking his wounds after the Tories defeat in the local election. Answers on a post card!!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I would like to thank Julian Ware-Lane for advertising my blog!!!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Overview of the Week!!!

I am having a Robert Redford moment this week. I read an article in the Ipaper about a comment made by Robert Redford thinking the current Conservative government shortsightness about British films should be about making a profit. The National Lottery funded many independent films which were big hits in America and the rest of Europe, The Full Monty, Kings Speech and East to East to name but a few. British films should not be about creating a profit but should be about the indegious population of this country. I hope the Westiminster Tory Boys come to the realisation British Films are greatest export and make us money, create tourism, and jobs and demonstrates to the rest of the world are expertise in this field. The second Robert Redford connection - All the Presidents Men a film about the Watergate Scandal and the downfall of a President Nixon. I am not into conspiracy theories, however there is a similarity with the Levinson Enquiry, I believe the general public should be standing up and kicking out this corrupt Lib Dem/ Conservative Coalition Government out who are on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch/News International. Maybe Robert Redford can direct a film about the Levinson Enquiry in England with National Lottery Monies!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I felt compelled to write my blog this morning when I heard about Newham Council approaching Stoke on Trent council asking them to take on 500 hundred people who are waiting for social housing in the Londond Borough of Newham, as Newham Council can not afford to pay for private rents in the borough as they are too high. Stoke on Trent Council informed Newham Council they would be unwilling to take on their residents as they will come with other needs and the services in Stoke on Trent will be unable to manage/cope with their problems. In opinion these problems are happening in the surburbs, as there are more people moving out of London and making way for a affluent tenant, who can afford to pay these high rents. Wasn't it Boris Johnson Mayoral policy that he wanted more indigious residents to stay in London, and not the weathly elite work-force. Cllr Martin Terry Independent Spokesman stated in an Evening Echo article there could be a tsumani of people wanting to move to Southend-on-sea to benefit from cheaper rents. Southend-on-sea has no money for the residents of Southend and their needs. I believe that Southend Council should take the same approach as Stoke on Trent Council and say NO to people who are being dumped by the London Boroughs so their ex-residents can benefit from cheaper rents.

Monday, 23 April 2012

On the Radio 4 this morning there was an article about the financial crisis in Greece is infringing the Human Rights of the Greek population as there young people are leaving Greece and the Greek Islands to work elsewhere in Europe, America and Australia. The middle-classes are unable to survive as they are unable to afford to pay for rent, food and their bills. I always felt the Greek people created their own problems by boring monies from the EU on a low interest rate. However, I felt very sympathic to the Greek people when I heard this article, how can a society survive if it looses it's work force and keep its economy going, who will care for the elderly and the sick if their Health Care Professionals leave Greece, the young people who have left or are thinking of leaving, when they have left, they may not return to their country of origin. There will be a sharp fall in the middle-classes in Greece and without the middle class there will no professionals or academics. The EU should be mindful, by opposing these austerity measures on Greece, this will a destruction our oldest civilisation and we should all be accountable for Greece and other EU states that are having the same problems. Please note I am not saying the UK should pay for them, but I am sure there is a creative way of enabling these countries to deal with their economic problems.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17th April 2012

In today's Evening Echo the article headed 'Let's take politics out of Local government'. In my opinion is the most genuinue statement I have read for a long time. The general public need to made aware that local councillor's are only facilitors and advocates for their communities represent and evangelicing the party views which their represent as their own opinion will not help the residents in the long-term. These are the party views!!! Independent Councillors are they to enable the residents to live in a place they feel safe, have the infrastructure they need to make a good place to live, and feel able to discuss an issue with a councillor and achieve an ontcome, and encourage innovation for the ward. I believe these are principles which make a good councillor.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The week that was!!

Inthis week news, there was a front page article in the Daily Mail about 10,000 children taken into care since the Baby Peter Connelly appalling death. These are alarming figures, however, Social Services are now realising that keeping children with families who could potentially neglect or cause them harm in the long term is more beneficial to take the children away from these situtions and allow them to live with a family member or go into foster care, I am aware of a child attachment to their families and how care system is as abusive as living in an abusive household. The needs of a child are paramount and never should be undermined. Southend Borough Council Fostering and Adoption Service has won awards this year, but on negative note lost £90,000 off it's annual budget in this year's budget cuts. In my opinion how does losing £90,000 of their budget, benefit the children and their families. These children are the most vulnerable of our society and our future. Enabling a child to live in a stable and loving enviroment will not only encourage the child to reach their potential in life, will also enable them not to be a burden to our society in lay man terms 'Pay their Taxes'!!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

13th April 2012
I have just had the opportunity to read the Evening Echo, and I was perturbed to read  a woman was murdered in Southend in a bedsit and her partner has been arrested on the suspicion of her murder. On the next page there was a small article stating that the decision for selective licencing for landlords to pay for permits to rent out rooms, will not be decided until June 2012. This current murder and previous anti-social behaviour in around Southend High Street,   will fuel the debate and the Southend council could potentially  win the arguement and charge the landlords £600 per annum for the privage of renting rooms. Charging landlords for the privage to rent rooms does not stop anti-social behaviour or domestic violence, but good quality policing can discourage people from causing damage to their communtity. I also believe  that addressing the real causes of these behaviours would benefit the community and keep our residents safe!!

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

12th April 2012

Good News for Thorpe Bay Communters. Thorpe Bay Station is having a facelift, and will become C2C's 'flagship' station. However, I am concerned about the recent incidents of burglary and attempted burglaries on and around the Wick Estate, this can be very distressing for the residents. I am aware there are many vulnerable people living on and around the Wick Estate. I will be asking the neighbourhood policing team about police interventions to help prevent an increase in burgaries. My passion is tackling anti-social behaviour and crime reduction and I have based my campaign on this ethos. The tory boy is up to is old tricks again!! When can he deliever some interesting news on his blog!!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

11th April 2012

I will interested to see, if my blog attracts,as much attention as the other policitical blogs in Southend-on-sea. As a  Independent Candidate in Southchurch Ward  I am mindful  I will cricitised from the major policital parties.  I am looking forward to the blogging experience!!!   I am a woman wth  nothing to hide.

The temporary introduction of the Southend Driving Test, which the Conservatives claim they have won and succeeded and worked in the interest of the people of Southend . In my opinion is a incongruent statement of the  facts, it was for economic reasons,  Basildon Test Centre was loosing money,  learner drivers were not booking their driving tests at Basildon due to the ongoing road works at Sadler's Farm, learner drivers were missing their tests at Basildon, because  they were  sitting in traffic somewhere along the A127. I believe this is not an effective way of running a public sector department!!!

This blog is hosted by and any election related statements are written and promoted by Claire Bibby & Tony Delaney, 76 Burlescoombe Rd, Thorpe Bay, SS1 3QB

Elections 2012 and registering to vote

The Borough elections will take place on Thursday 3rd May 2012. In order to take part in any of these elections you must register to vote by Wednesday 18th April 2012. To register to vote you can either download an application form, or contact the Electoral Office on 01702 215010.
You can choose to vote by post if you cannot or do not wish to attend your polling station. The deadline for applying to vote by post for these elections is 5pm on Wednesday 18th April 2012. You may also wish to consider appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf the deadline for this is 5pm on Wednesday 25th April 2012. You can download applications forms  to vote by post or to vote by proxy, or you contact the Electoral Office on 01702 215010.
A ward by ward list of candidates for the local election 2012 can be downloaded from here

This blog is hosted by and any election related statements are written and promoted by Claire Bibby & Tony Delaney, 76 Burlescoombe Rd, Thorpe Bay, SS1 3QB