Saturday, 19 May 2012

I attended the Shoebury Resident's Meeting on Wednesday evening and it was the most funnist residents meetings, I have ever attended, it reminded of an episode of the Vicar of Dibley without Dawn French. Peter Ashley an ex-councillor for St Luke's Ward who lives in Shoebury was in attendence and also his fellow Shoebury Conservatives except for Cllr Jarvis who had been in Tilbury since 6am, which in my opinion Cllr Jarvis deserved a night off with a stiff whiskey to get over his shock off going to Tilbury!! In attendence at the SRA were Beach Hut owners association on Shoebury Common who are perturbed about the prospect of having the Shoebury Common dumped with soil from the cliffs at Westcliff, Southend Borough Council have rebranded this dumping of soil as improving flood defensives for Shoebury, when the SBC have been consistantly informed by Brian Efte a Great Wakering Councillor, the flood defensives need to be improved at East Beach which ison the North Sea which has a higher risk of flooding and not at the Estuary point at Shoebury Common where there is low risk flooding. The 23 million pound museum for the Saxon King and other artificates in my opinion is a complete waste of money and could be used more effectively by improving services for the elderly, frail and disabled, as we have large aged population in Southend and is getting bigger as I write my blogg Southend residents will still have to pay an admission cost to get into the musuem, which should be at a reduced rate because the Saxon King' gold is the important find in years on Southend soil. Now back to the SRA, the Beach Hut Owners left on mass, when the chair informed the SRA that Shoebury Common would not be discussed at tonights meeting, yet again the residents opinions are not allowed to voice their concerns. However, there was a not surprised comeback from Peter Ashley who went against his party to oppose the Beach Huts on East Beach and informed the residents that the residents need to start a a petition to ensure we do not have Beach Huts on East Beach. I thought to myself does Peter Ashley want to get on the good side of the Shoebury Residents to enable him become the next Conservative Candidate for Shoebury, my mind was working overtime, this was the funnist event of the evening!! Cllr Hadley informed the SRA that beach huts will be erected on East Beach because they were there previously in 1960's when our population was far less. I love beach huts as they part of the the English seaside and our national hertigage, however Beach Huts in 2012 are now at risk to vandislism, arson attacks the residents who live near East Beach will also have to put up with late night bbq's and loud music, and Essex Police don't have the officers to prevent these problems from happening, and will not be protrolling East Beach as much as they used to. The residents opinions have been constantly dismissed by Cllr Hadley, and the other meerkats. At a East Beach residents meeting organised by Cllr Anne Chalk, the residents of Shoebury where called ninpys, because of their dislike of beach huts. I would like to know what has happened to the Localism Act because it is not happening in Shoebury as will are not listened to!!! There was also heated discussion on Spy Cars with Cllr Cox, I brought into the discussion about Spy Cars, I personally do not have a problems with Spy Cars if they where used to catch people parking inapproriately near schools or on zig zag lines or where there are vulnerable people living and our vulnerable residents may have problems crossing the road if a car was parked illegally. I do have a problem when the Spy Car is continously used to give Southend Residents parking tickets to increase the council's revenue, and these problems are consistant with whole of Southend and not just Shoebury!!! Keeping with the love theme Donna Summer died this week, maybe the Southend Conservatives can adopt her song 'I feel love' as their new theme tune!!! As they keep telling us they love this town, all I see is money being spent which on buildings we do not need!

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