Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Councillors Expenses

The Tax Payers Alliance will be investigating councillors expenses, as the Tax Payers Alliance believe the expenses given to councillors are far too much, and the role of the local councillors is about providing a community service and should not come with expenses more than the average salary of the area they represent. Volunteers and charity workers receive a small expenses or no expenses for the great work they do in the community, and little recognition. I am aware times have changed in local government and councillors need to make telephone calls, have mobiles and have access to the internet and attend meetings which all cost money, and these facilities are paid from their expenses. My issue is with the portifolio holders and the leader of the Southend Borough Council who does earn more than the average Southend salary. In the public interest I would like to see a break down of all the portifolios holders and the leader of council expenses to see where savings can be made. The majority of the people of Southend are having to budget their finances and make cutbacks. I believe portofolio holders expenses should be cutback to!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Girl Power!!

The last two weeks the British nation has been watching intensley to the London Olympics, and the Olympics has given the British public a sense of pride I was more interested in how many woman competited in the Olympics and the radical change of women being able to competete in a male dominated sports (Nicola Adams Team GB woman's boxer and gold medal winner). I wish I could write the same about local government politics, however I am aware our time will come!!! I believe there should be more women and ethic minorities in local government it would be a much fairer system and more people would vote in local elections. The majority of local councils are pompous white middle-class men who nothing in common with the people they represent. The political parties should be addressing the lack of women and ethic minorities councillors, if they want Localism to work!!!