Sunday, 29 April 2012

Overview of the Week!!!

I am having a Robert Redford moment this week. I read an article in the Ipaper about a comment made by Robert Redford thinking the current Conservative government shortsightness about British films should be about making a profit. The National Lottery funded many independent films which were big hits in America and the rest of Europe, The Full Monty, Kings Speech and East to East to name but a few. British films should not be about creating a profit but should be about the indegious population of this country. I hope the Westiminster Tory Boys come to the realisation British Films are greatest export and make us money, create tourism, and jobs and demonstrates to the rest of the world are expertise in this field. The second Robert Redford connection - All the Presidents Men a film about the Watergate Scandal and the downfall of a President Nixon. I am not into conspiracy theories, however there is a similarity with the Levinson Enquiry, I believe the general public should be standing up and kicking out this corrupt Lib Dem/ Conservative Coalition Government out who are on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch/News International. Maybe Robert Redford can direct a film about the Levinson Enquiry in England with National Lottery Monies!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I felt compelled to write my blog this morning when I heard about Newham Council approaching Stoke on Trent council asking them to take on 500 hundred people who are waiting for social housing in the Londond Borough of Newham, as Newham Council can not afford to pay for private rents in the borough as they are too high. Stoke on Trent Council informed Newham Council they would be unwilling to take on their residents as they will come with other needs and the services in Stoke on Trent will be unable to manage/cope with their problems. In opinion these problems are happening in the surburbs, as there are more people moving out of London and making way for a affluent tenant, who can afford to pay these high rents. Wasn't it Boris Johnson Mayoral policy that he wanted more indigious residents to stay in London, and not the weathly elite work-force. Cllr Martin Terry Independent Spokesman stated in an Evening Echo article there could be a tsumani of people wanting to move to Southend-on-sea to benefit from cheaper rents. Southend-on-sea has no money for the residents of Southend and their needs. I believe that Southend Council should take the same approach as Stoke on Trent Council and say NO to people who are being dumped by the London Boroughs so their ex-residents can benefit from cheaper rents.

Monday, 23 April 2012

On the Radio 4 this morning there was an article about the financial crisis in Greece is infringing the Human Rights of the Greek population as there young people are leaving Greece and the Greek Islands to work elsewhere in Europe, America and Australia. The middle-classes are unable to survive as they are unable to afford to pay for rent, food and their bills. I always felt the Greek people created their own problems by boring monies from the EU on a low interest rate. However, I felt very sympathic to the Greek people when I heard this article, how can a society survive if it looses it's work force and keep its economy going, who will care for the elderly and the sick if their Health Care Professionals leave Greece, the young people who have left or are thinking of leaving, when they have left, they may not return to their country of origin. There will be a sharp fall in the middle-classes in Greece and without the middle class there will no professionals or academics. The EU should be mindful, by opposing these austerity measures on Greece, this will a destruction our oldest civilisation and we should all be accountable for Greece and other EU states that are having the same problems. Please note I am not saying the UK should pay for them, but I am sure there is a creative way of enabling these countries to deal with their economic problems.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17th April 2012

In today's Evening Echo the article headed 'Let's take politics out of Local government'. In my opinion is the most genuinue statement I have read for a long time. The general public need to made aware that local councillor's are only facilitors and advocates for their communities represent and evangelicing the party views which their represent as their own opinion will not help the residents in the long-term. These are the party views!!! Independent Councillors are they to enable the residents to live in a place they feel safe, have the infrastructure they need to make a good place to live, and feel able to discuss an issue with a councillor and achieve an ontcome, and encourage innovation for the ward. I believe these are principles which make a good councillor.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The week that was!!

Inthis week news, there was a front page article in the Daily Mail about 10,000 children taken into care since the Baby Peter Connelly appalling death. These are alarming figures, however, Social Services are now realising that keeping children with families who could potentially neglect or cause them harm in the long term is more beneficial to take the children away from these situtions and allow them to live with a family member or go into foster care, I am aware of a child attachment to their families and how care system is as abusive as living in an abusive household. The needs of a child are paramount and never should be undermined. Southend Borough Council Fostering and Adoption Service has won awards this year, but on negative note lost £90,000 off it's annual budget in this year's budget cuts. In my opinion how does losing £90,000 of their budget, benefit the children and their families. These children are the most vulnerable of our society and our future. Enabling a child to live in a stable and loving enviroment will not only encourage the child to reach their potential in life, will also enable them not to be a burden to our society in lay man terms 'Pay their Taxes'!!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

13th April 2012
I have just had the opportunity to read the Evening Echo, and I was perturbed to read  a woman was murdered in Southend in a bedsit and her partner has been arrested on the suspicion of her murder. On the next page there was a small article stating that the decision for selective licencing for landlords to pay for permits to rent out rooms, will not be decided until June 2012. This current murder and previous anti-social behaviour in around Southend High Street,   will fuel the debate and the Southend council could potentially  win the arguement and charge the landlords £600 per annum for the privage of renting rooms. Charging landlords for the privage to rent rooms does not stop anti-social behaviour or domestic violence, but good quality policing can discourage people from causing damage to their communtity. I also believe  that addressing the real causes of these behaviours would benefit the community and keep our residents safe!!

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

12th April 2012

Good News for Thorpe Bay Communters. Thorpe Bay Station is having a facelift, and will become C2C's 'flagship' station. However, I am concerned about the recent incidents of burglary and attempted burglaries on and around the Wick Estate, this can be very distressing for the residents. I am aware there are many vulnerable people living on and around the Wick Estate. I will be asking the neighbourhood policing team about police interventions to help prevent an increase in burgaries. My passion is tackling anti-social behaviour and crime reduction and I have based my campaign on this ethos. The tory boy is up to is old tricks again!! When can he deliever some interesting news on his blog!!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

11th April 2012

I will interested to see, if my blog attracts,as much attention as the other policitical blogs in Southend-on-sea. As a  Independent Candidate in Southchurch Ward  I am mindful  I will cricitised from the major policital parties.  I am looking forward to the blogging experience!!!   I am a woman wth  nothing to hide.

The temporary introduction of the Southend Driving Test, which the Conservatives claim they have won and succeeded and worked in the interest of the people of Southend . In my opinion is a incongruent statement of the  facts, it was for economic reasons,  Basildon Test Centre was loosing money,  learner drivers were not booking their driving tests at Basildon due to the ongoing road works at Sadler's Farm, learner drivers were missing their tests at Basildon, because  they were  sitting in traffic somewhere along the A127. I believe this is not an effective way of running a public sector department!!!

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