Wednesday, 11 April 2012

11th April 2012

I will interested to see, if my blog attracts,as much attention as the other policitical blogs in Southend-on-sea. As a  Independent Candidate in Southchurch Ward  I am mindful  I will cricitised from the major policital parties.  I am looking forward to the blogging experience!!!   I am a woman wth  nothing to hide.

The temporary introduction of the Southend Driving Test, which the Conservatives claim they have won and succeeded and worked in the interest of the people of Southend . In my opinion is a incongruent statement of the  facts, it was for economic reasons,  Basildon Test Centre was loosing money,  learner drivers were not booking their driving tests at Basildon due to the ongoing road works at Sadler's Farm, learner drivers were missing their tests at Basildon, because  they were  sitting in traffic somewhere along the A127. I believe this is not an effective way of running a public sector department!!!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Claire