Sunday, 29 April 2012

Overview of the Week!!!

I am having a Robert Redford moment this week. I read an article in the Ipaper about a comment made by Robert Redford thinking the current Conservative government shortsightness about British films should be about making a profit. The National Lottery funded many independent films which were big hits in America and the rest of Europe, The Full Monty, Kings Speech and East to East to name but a few. British films should not be about creating a profit but should be about the indegious population of this country. I hope the Westiminster Tory Boys come to the realisation British Films are greatest export and make us money, create tourism, and jobs and demonstrates to the rest of the world are expertise in this field. The second Robert Redford connection - All the Presidents Men a film about the Watergate Scandal and the downfall of a President Nixon. I am not into conspiracy theories, however there is a similarity with the Levinson Enquiry, I believe the general public should be standing up and kicking out this corrupt Lib Dem/ Conservative Coalition Government out who are on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch/News International. Maybe Robert Redford can direct a film about the Levinson Enquiry in England with National Lottery Monies!!!

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