Saturday, 26 January 2013

Man's Search For Meaning

Today, I had the opportunity to reflect about the last three weeks news both national and local news. The economy has come to a stand still, eventually there will no High Street shops and our High Street will be a ghost town with unwanted and unloved buildings.Horsemeat in beef burgers which can open a debate about the issue of cheap food and obesity. Southend Council has stopped giving out black bin bags. In my opinion the general public should be encouraged to recycle their wastage and not rely on black bin bags. I believe all this doom and gloom about the national and local issues creates an atmosphere of permissism, and I think of Victor Frankl book 'Man's Search for Meaning' his personal memoirs of his years spent as a prisoner in Auschwitz concentration camp. Victor Frankl found his meaning to his life, by being truthful to others around him and focused on how survive in place where there was no survivors only victims of biggest mass murder in history. I believe that if people where to find a meaning to their human existence and not rely material pocessions, food, addictions, moaning about council cuts to make them feel better, a person well-being would improve and they would be more in control of their lifes. STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING