Saturday, 13 October 2012

Being a Woman

I like write about local issues, but as a woman I felt compelled to write about the Austrialian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her recent rant to the speaker in the Austrialian Parilament about his ongoing sexist comments and his dislike for women. The world needs more policiticians like Julia Gillard to speak out about Women's rights, far too long women have been discriminated in policitics and our opinions and haven't always been valued. My other issue of the week. The Jimmy Saville sexual abuse case has brought to my attention how the community has a responsibilty to care for the most vulnerable of society. The council tax paying public need know they can trust a council to make ethical decisions, when they are investigating allegations of child or adult abuse. This all costs money and comes out of the local authority budget and council tax revenue. In my opinion child and adult protection should be priotised over flower beds or grass cutting!!! I am aware this may be difficult for some of the council tax payer public to understand and they may be believe it the council duty to provide flower beds, however the council also has a duty of care to keep their residents safe.