Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Nostagic View of Shoebury Common and East Beach

These old photographs of Shoebury Common and East Beach, clearly shows how busy these areas used to be. What happened? The flood defense wall will look out of character with the rest of the Shoebury Common beach and stop visitors and potential residents to this beautiful part of the estuary.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ignoring the wishes of the residents

Recently, I haven't much spare time for blogging and this my first opportunity to write. There has been some interesting developments in Shoeburyness over the last few days with more emails going through cyper space than silicone valley. The Tories councillors of Shoeburyness have ignored the residents wishes about the beach huts, flood defence wall, and the over development of Shoeburyness. The good people objected to the beach huts, Cllr Roger Hadley stated he did not receive any objections, which is a lie because there was a petition objecting to the beach huts and the residents of rampart street voiced their concerns about vandalism and pollution. I stated in a previous blog that the flood defence will be as iconic as the Berlin wall, and divide Shoeburyness. The residents who life near shoe bury common have a leaflet informing the residents not to elect Cllr Cox, Cllr Jarvis as the West Shoe bury residents feel let down by them over the flood defence wall and these councillors put their own wishes first over needs of the residents. When the middle-classes start turning I would become very worried if I was a councillor, because I believe there is a revolution coming in Shoeburyness.