Thursday, 26 July 2012

The London Olympic's

On the eve of the greatest event London has seen in years, please rememember the victims of the 7th July 2005 bombing. the day after London was given the bid to host the olympics. These people were robbed of the opportunity to attend the event. Come on Team GB!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Viva Vegas on sea

My prediction about Southend on sea becoming more remissant to Las Vegas to a English seaside resort, might becoming to fruition. The future of Southend-on-sea hangs in the balance, there are many brown field sites along the seafront which could potentially make good casino's sites. The Coalition government are looking at relaxing the laws about casinos and where there can be placed in towns and cities. Southend on sea lost it's insurance companies, tax offices and first data to India and requires another economy to replace the lost of income and jobs to our town. Casinos and becoming Las Vegas could be the answer! Southend on sea has three casinos in a small area, these casinos are great for light entertainment, eating and social drinking and job creation and they also attract tourists from outside the area. However, there are many side effects of casinos, my personal and professional concern is about is about the gambling element and the adrenaline rush that people experience from gambling, the person will also go into the fight or flight response and this could potentially cause longterm anxiety problems. A person who is addicted to gambling and are on a financial up can believe there are invincable and they will not lose any money through gambling, this is a start to a highly addictive behaviour, because the person is always looking for a adrenaline high, and the person doesn't want to experience the lows of a gambling addiction. I would be against any prosposals to build any new casinos in Southend-on-sea, and I hope to see more residents agree with me. Vote YES for a English Seaside Resort!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vegas on sea

I don't normally thank the Labour blogs, but today is the exception as they were so prompt with their blogs about the White Elephant called the Cliffs Musuem. I believe this is a sad day for democracy in Southend-on-sea as the voices of the residents of Cliffs and Westcliff Parade have gone unnoticed, and Southend on sea will start to look more like Las Vegas than a English Seaside Resort. When will Nigel Holcroft leave the building!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Capitalism versus Communism

I have just returned from a week long trip visiting my relatives in Krakow Poland. asked my cousin her personal experience when she lived under communism and how does she feels about capitialism in the new Poland and the recent events in the EU. My cousin gave me an indepth account of communism, the Polish were never allowed their views to be heard, and the leaders took everything which was of some cultural value out of the country, and shipped it to Russia. The communist leaders in 1948 created a new town called Nova Hutta, an industial town of great significance to the communist empire. The Communist's erected a chinley in front of the Wavel Castle a medival and renaissance castle, and is a blot on the landscape and looks out of place in the renaissance city, as the communist wanted to distroy anything of culture and beauty. Capitalism has allowed the Wavel castle to be used as capitalist venture and is a asset to the Polish economy and is used 364 days of the year to make monies from the tourists.. Even Nova Hutta is now used a capitalist venture, and is a major tourist attraction as idylic communist town (Michael Palin visited the town on his odessey around Eastern Europe). Capitalism allows the individual to have their voices heard in a democratic manner and creates a business culture which is better for the individual and groups of people in the longterm. To get straight to the point SBC has shown it's true colors by not allowing a legitmate petition to brought to the planning meeting on Wednesday 18th July about the eyesore called a Cliff's Musuem on a picturesque green space in Westcliff-on-sea, this has simmularities to a communismm regime, as the residents of the Westcliff Parade and the surrounding areas are not allowed to have their views heard. The best capitalist venture would be a musuem in Priory Park and learning resource centre to place and show Saxon King artificates. In my opinion it would be better housed in the Priory Park near the burial place of the Saxon King. The Saxon King is very significant player in the transition from paganism to christianity and all artificates should be kept near where he was found, so there is a connection to were he was buried. This would be a better financial venture and asset for the council, as I believe it would make more revenue for the council as early Christianity places or other places of religious significance makes money in the long term, with a small investment. Just look at the Roman Catholic Church and how much monies the Vatican makes every year, they even have their own bank!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Diamonds aren't a girls best friend!!

I have been reflecting on the recent events with the banking scandal, and it made explore my own feelings towards material possessions, I don't want to sound like John Lennon, but has made me think how many items in my home I don't need. . The banks have fiddled the interest rates for years to believe we are richer than we are. The government and the banks now have to address their governence and how their operate in the future. The investment banks have been alllowed to exploite the low paid worker, because the LIBOR rates are used for the sub-prime rate mortgages and for customers with diverse credit, self-employed and self assessment mortgages. I also believe that we have been coecieved by previous governments into believing that we need a bigger house, a better car, more clothes and shoes, Ipads and expensive holidays to keep us spending and re-mortaging our home. In my opinion this excessive spending and debt can cause an exisential anxiety as we never become satisfied with what we have, ambition is a good when used in an approriate way, however ambition to compete against peers can leave people feeling low in their mood and eventually cause isolation. Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that we need to our hunger and thirst to met and to survive we need shelter and love and then we can reach our potential. If people where to explore their own feelings with material possessions and enjoy what they have, than maybe they would be no banking scandal and we would all be much happier people!!!