Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Diamonds aren't a girls best friend!!

I have been reflecting on the recent events with the banking scandal, and it made explore my own feelings towards material possessions, I don't want to sound like John Lennon, but has made me think how many items in my home I don't need. . The banks have fiddled the interest rates for years to believe we are richer than we are. The government and the banks now have to address their governence and how their operate in the future. The investment banks have been alllowed to exploite the low paid worker, because the LIBOR rates are used for the sub-prime rate mortgages and for customers with diverse credit, self-employed and self assessment mortgages. I also believe that we have been coecieved by previous governments into believing that we need a bigger house, a better car, more clothes and shoes, Ipads and expensive holidays to keep us spending and re-mortaging our home. In my opinion this excessive spending and debt can cause an exisential anxiety as we never become satisfied with what we have, ambition is a good when used in an approriate way, however ambition to compete against peers can leave people feeling low in their mood and eventually cause isolation. Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that we need to our hunger and thirst to met and to survive we need shelter and love and then we can reach our potential. If people where to explore their own feelings with material possessions and enjoy what they have, than maybe they would be no banking scandal and we would all be much happier people!!!

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