Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Viva Vegas on sea

My prediction about Southend on sea becoming more remissant to Las Vegas to a English seaside resort, might becoming to fruition. The future of Southend-on-sea hangs in the balance, there are many brown field sites along the seafront which could potentially make good casino's sites. The Coalition government are looking at relaxing the laws about casinos and where there can be placed in towns and cities. Southend on sea lost it's insurance companies, tax offices and first data to India and requires another economy to replace the lost of income and jobs to our town. Casinos and becoming Las Vegas could be the answer! Southend on sea has three casinos in a small area, these casinos are great for light entertainment, eating and social drinking and job creation and they also attract tourists from outside the area. However, there are many side effects of casinos, my personal and professional concern is about is about the gambling element and the adrenaline rush that people experience from gambling, the person will also go into the fight or flight response and this could potentially cause longterm anxiety problems. A person who is addicted to gambling and are on a financial up can believe there are invincable and they will not lose any money through gambling, this is a start to a highly addictive behaviour, because the person is always looking for a adrenaline high, and the person doesn't want to experience the lows of a gambling addiction. I would be against any prosposals to build any new casinos in Southend-on-sea, and I hope to see more residents agree with me. Vote YES for a English Seaside Resort!

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