Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Real BBC Soap Opera

I started this week with a heated to debate with a collegue about the recent saga (I call it a saga, because I hope it will end soon), at the BBC and allegations about Jimmy Saville. Our concern was the repeated interest in discussing and writing about sexual abuse. The victims of sexual abuse and victims who have never disclossed these victims of abuse are being traumatised by the repeated media attention to this horrific crime. The victims have been robbed of their childhoods and their future, victims of sexual abuse can go to have mental health problems, drug and alcohol issues, family breakdown, been in prison, and they could become abusers themeselves. The NSPCC has seen an an increase in victims coming forward over the last three weeks, and these investigations will have to be referred to the local authorities and the police and these investigations will have to come out an every decreasing budget. In my opinion Eric Pickles the Secretary of State should offer a compensation fund for the victims of sexual abuse who have been in the care of the local authorites. If this doesn't happen these victims have been let down again.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner

I always believed the police should be impartial and should be void of politics. The Police and Crime Commissioner role is another way for the Coalition government to have more control over the police force. In my opinion the electorate need to made aware if they vote for a Police and Crime commissioner who represents a polictical party, they will effect vote for the the policitcal party and their values. I do not want security companies to be brought in to replace police staff because they are a cheaper opition. I want and I also speak for the majority of the people I know, would like a police force who are compentent in their role and will deal with crime effectely and will also look after the victims of crime, the polictical parties have not identified to help the vicitms of crime and strategies to reduce crime in their campagining. I have campaigned for Mick Thwaites Independent c andidate because I believe he is the only suitable candidate for the role as Police and Crime Commissioner.