Sunday, 24 June 2012

Self Disclosure

As someone who has worked in mental health and addictions, I was pleased to hear, 3 cross parties MP's have taken the gumption to talk candidly about their own personal experiences with depression in the House of Commons , these 3 MP's wil also be stearing the government in reforms on mental health and how there can be more preventive interventions. I agree with their proposals, however where is the money coming from? Charities are continuely having their budgets and this will become increasly worse when the PCT's are finally closed down in 2013,and the Health and Social Act will see a massive polarisation in our most basic of services, as GP's will be more accoutable for their budgets. GP's have met in my professional life have disclosed they do not do not understand depression and addictions, and will see their patient mental health issues as burden on their scant resourses, and may quickly get patients removed if they cost them too much money. I am little confused about Ed Millband attack on the East European workforce in the UK, and stated there should be jobs for British workers. Ed Millband mother was a Polish immigrant to this country. As someone who is also a decendent from Polish immigrants, I took offence to his attack on economic migrants, as the majority of the migrant workforce work harder than an indigenous population. My message to Ed Millband he should look at his own garden and how it is growing before judging someone else's garden. An old Polish saying.

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