Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Elected Police Commissioner

The people of Essex should by now, received a form to register to vote or been asked to confirm their vote to the borough electoral register. Some people may not be aware this is to vote in November for the Elected Police Commissioner. This is a extremelly important vote as by electing a Police Commissioner the general public can have more a voice with police issues, be informed on how their council tax monies is spent on policing and to support the victims of crime. Judges have recently acknowledged publicly that they do not understand the general public and have started to watch TOWIE and football matches to enable them to empathise with whom they are defending, proscuting or interviewing a witness in crown court. These finding can also relate to a elected police commissioner, how can someone become a Police Commissioner when they have no experience of the Police Force and are aligned to a policital party, which they are accountable to, when they become a Police Commissioner. I am supporting Mick Thwaites who is standing as an Independent, who has worked his way through the ranks of the Essex Police and left the force as a Divisional Commander in Southend-on-sea Police Station. Mick Thwaites has years of experience in policing and will ensure the victims of crime are fully supported and the general public can have a stay on how the future of Essex Police is run.

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