Sunday, 15 April 2012

The week that was!!

Inthis week news, there was a front page article in the Daily Mail about 10,000 children taken into care since the Baby Peter Connelly appalling death. These are alarming figures, however, Social Services are now realising that keeping children with families who could potentially neglect or cause them harm in the long term is more beneficial to take the children away from these situtions and allow them to live with a family member or go into foster care, I am aware of a child attachment to their families and how care system is as abusive as living in an abusive household. The needs of a child are paramount and never should be undermined. Southend Borough Council Fostering and Adoption Service has won awards this year, but on negative note lost £90,000 off it's annual budget in this year's budget cuts. In my opinion how does losing £90,000 of their budget, benefit the children and their families. These children are the most vulnerable of our society and our future. Enabling a child to live in a stable and loving enviroment will not only encourage the child to reach their potential in life, will also enable them not to be a burden to our society in lay man terms 'Pay their Taxes'!!!

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