Monday, 23 April 2012

On the Radio 4 this morning there was an article about the financial crisis in Greece is infringing the Human Rights of the Greek population as there young people are leaving Greece and the Greek Islands to work elsewhere in Europe, America and Australia. The middle-classes are unable to survive as they are unable to afford to pay for rent, food and their bills. I always felt the Greek people created their own problems by boring monies from the EU on a low interest rate. However, I felt very sympathic to the Greek people when I heard this article, how can a society survive if it looses it's work force and keep its economy going, who will care for the elderly and the sick if their Health Care Professionals leave Greece, the young people who have left or are thinking of leaving, when they have left, they may not return to their country of origin. There will be a sharp fall in the middle-classes in Greece and without the middle class there will no professionals or academics. The EU should be mindful, by opposing these austerity measures on Greece, this will a destruction our oldest civilisation and we should all be accountable for Greece and other EU states that are having the same problems. Please note I am not saying the UK should pay for them, but I am sure there is a creative way of enabling these countries to deal with their economic problems.

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