Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I felt compelled to write my blog this morning when I heard about Newham Council approaching Stoke on Trent council asking them to take on 500 hundred people who are waiting for social housing in the Londond Borough of Newham, as Newham Council can not afford to pay for private rents in the borough as they are too high. Stoke on Trent Council informed Newham Council they would be unwilling to take on their residents as they will come with other needs and the services in Stoke on Trent will be unable to manage/cope with their problems. In opinion these problems are happening in the surburbs, as there are more people moving out of London and making way for a affluent tenant, who can afford to pay these high rents. Wasn't it Boris Johnson Mayoral policy that he wanted more indigious residents to stay in London, and not the weathly elite work-force. Cllr Martin Terry Independent Spokesman stated in an Evening Echo article there could be a tsumani of people wanting to move to Southend-on-sea to benefit from cheaper rents. Southend-on-sea has no money for the residents of Southend and their needs. I believe that Southend Council should take the same approach as Stoke on Trent Council and say NO to people who are being dumped by the London Boroughs so their ex-residents can benefit from cheaper rents.

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