Thursday, 24 May 2012

I attended the SKIPP meeting last night at the Royal Hotel about the purposed Southend Museum on the Westcliff Cliffs. I was pleased to see the good number of residents who live near the Westcliff Cliff's and three Southend Councillors. A great turn out!!! I have lived in Westcliff near the cliffs and Prittlewell and I am keen to see what will happen to these Anglo-Saxon artificates. The Saxon King in Priory Park (SKIPP) members would like to see Saxon Village, an education centre, a forge and a musuem to house these priceless artificates, and will much cheaper than the purposed musuem on the cliffs. I agree with SKIPP purposals, as I believe that the Saxon King artificates should be kept in Priory park. I also believe that Priory Park was a place of worship to the early christians and has a symboloic meaning in Anglo-Saxon history. Putting these artificates in a mususem on the cliff will have no spritial meaning and the essence of their meaning will be lost.

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