Sunday, 27 May 2012

Shoebury Wall

I have been enjoying the sunshine and I made my usual evening pilgrimage on my bike to Shoebury Common Beach, whilst I was at Shoebury common beach, I engaged in conversation with a beach hut owner, who informed me that they are very unhappy about the proposed flood defence being built behind her beach hut. This lady is extremely upset and the lady informed me any work which will be carried in the future could potentially harm her beach hut and also put off prospective buyers. I didn't want to agree with her as I like to stay inpartial in these circumstances, however I believe there should be a full consultation with the Beach Huts owners and all the residents who live near Shoebury Common. I asked this lady to contact her local councillor, fortunate for this lady lives in Shoebury Ward and she will be speaking Cllr Anne Chalk over the weekend. It is well documented that I have a vivid imagination and I believe this Shoebury Wall on Shoebury Common will be as iconic as the Berlin Wall with less graffiti, the Shoebury wall will become a symbol to keep out the Independents/UKIP in Shoebury West. Unfortanately for Shoebury West they are surrounded by Independent Councillors - Thorpe Ward and two councillors in Shoebury Ward, and our support from the residents is increasing all the time!

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