Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Road from Rochford to Shoeburyness

In last week's Standard Recorder there was a small article about Rochford Council's propsals to build a road from Rochford to Shoeburyness. A Rochford Councillor (I am unable to recall his name) asked for feedback to ascertain if the road would become a viable asset for Rochford Council. In my opinion the road would become a viable asset for Rochford Council as it would ease congestion on the A127, for commutors from Rochford and the surrounding areas who are traveling to Chelmsford and the north of the county. However, I like to look at the bigger picture, my concern if a road is built from Rochford to Shoeburyness, it would give Southend Borough Council a green light to built on our green belt land, around Bournes Green and Shoeburyness. This road would not decrease congestion in the long term, eventually the road would cause other issues with the infrastructure in the surrounding areas. The people of Bournes Green and Shoeburyness will be left dealing with the problems which this road will create!! Thanks Rochford Council from the people of Bournes Green and Shoeburyness!!

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