Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Green Grass of Home

I would like to start on positive note. The Green Party have elected a new leader Natalie Bennett, and my opinion this is another good day for women in politics. I believe when a policitical party has a female leader it appeals to more to the voter. On a negative note the Infrastructure Bill will be in the statute books next month and councils have will have the opportunity to built on Green Belt land. Bournes Green and Shoeburyness will definitely be looked at, as potential places where new houses, flats could be built on, this would be disastrous for the communites around these areas. Southend has already admitted there is a baby boom and will have to accomodate a new infants school, are roads become conjested with far too many cars because public transport is too expensive, there is only one big supermarket in Shoeburyness and this supermarket is unable to cope with the amount of footfall and the carpark is too small for the community it serves. I am totally against the loss of our green belt as eventually there will be no green areas left and this will be the legacy of the Coalition Government!

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