Saturday, 23 November 2013

Meaningful Politics

My blog has somewhat been neglected over the last few months, due to my own proscrastination and my dislike of national and local politics. In my opinion there are too many self-serving individuals who are not connected with the electorate, I will use Shoebury Common Wall as my example, this wall is not about protecting the residents from global changes to our enviroment and rising sea levels, which there is scant evidence to suggest Shoebury will be effected. The Shoebury Common Wall will have to be erected to pamper to the needs of a building contractor who wants to build houses on our green space and to increase the population of Shoebury. The local councillors except for Cllr Anne Chalk have forgotten that Shoebury doesn't have the infrastructure for all these new homes. My daily communte on the A127 will be even more traumatic and tiredsome then it already is, and eventually traffic along our two major A roads will come to standstill. These minor arguments are forgetten when planning is given to build more houses in Southend-on-sea. Pardoxically, the South East will require new homes for our future generations, but the the real loss will be our lack of green spaces and natural enviroment for our wild life. When a local councillor has the gumption to discuss items which give people a sense of meaning to their lives and a belonging to their local community that is someone I would like to represent in local government.

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  1. The Developer was all ready, so the day after the sea wall was approved by the Conservatives Councillors, they delivered their application to be 172 two / three storey houses & fifteen 3 /4 storey office blocks in the middle of a serious Grade 3 Flood Plain. They have reduced their £2.5m offer to less than £1m, so again the public will have to fund the schools & Southend Council will just borrow even more money, despite being £289m in debt. If they turn down this application, they will lose another £1m. Do you think they will?