Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shoebury Health Centre

When the issue of a new Shoebury Health Centre, I have always rejected to idea as I am aware any new medical centre in Shoebury will have to be funded by a private company (PFI) which could eventually leave the tax payer with the bill for the extortinate upkeep of this medical centre. However, my opinions have changed after reading the report on the Mid-Staffordshire hospital and the high death rate at the hospital and elderly people left on hospital trolleys in the A&E department, patient neglect and a general lack of compassionate staff. A new medical centre could potentially reduce un-necessary hospital admissions, there would be more choice to die at home, and mental health services could become localised and GP led, dementia and alzheimers are already GP led. There could also be minor operations at the centre which could reduce the risk of infection, improve recovery and reduce hospital waiting lists. All these services would be beneficial to the community and would create a localised service. The population of Shoebury has increased over the last ten years, this could be a good time for a new medical centre and to give something back to the people of Shoebury.

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